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[Kamen Rider Elementia B1P1: Ruler of the Endless Void][Chapter 2 - Twister of the Foolish Rock]


Two-timing was against the law, where ever you are from, and I saw this guy talking to a different girl than the one from last night. My senses told me that something was off about the whole situation unfolding in front of me, because the two girls surely know that they both flirted on this blonde-haired freak, at least once, for some random reason I don't know. I looked at him, who was talking to the girl, and I realized that I think I knew the girl from last night's scene. How I knew was because of some fact that I learned from Louise, and the fact that I bothered listening as the blonde-haired guy was flirting with that girl. Her name was Katie, a name which I immediately picked up, and she was a first-year student, because of the coat that she was wearing.

According to a bit of talking from Louise, students can be differentiated by the color of the coat that they wear during class. First-years, second-years and third-years all wear different coats to class, so yeah, you know the drill about the stuff. I then proceeded to do one of the most critical things that I had to do, which was to scream at him, "You! Weren't you the one who was flirting with that other girl last night, the one who goes by the name of Katie?" The blonde-haired girl standing beside him from just now was shocked and she glared at him daggers to make sure that what I was saying was all just a lie and that he was innocent. The reaction I got from the crowd was no different. People were staring daggers at the boy, who they called Guiche, making sure that the same thing was thought. Then, all of a sudden, the same blonde-haired girl, Katie, came up from the crowd, holding what seemed like a tray in her hand. I looked at the contents of the bowl on the tray, and I was surprised to see that there was a soufflé in the bowl.

However, when the two girls noticed each other, the reactions on their faces was something I had not seen before; a mixture of anger, sadness and technically every negative emotion that I have ever known. Then, what I saw was relatively new to me, and to the whole crowd's shock. The two girls slapped him on the cheeks, one on one, and the girls cried as they left the scene, leaving a shocked and surprised Guiche. He then proceeded to stand up, and he glared at me, as I was looking at him with a smile. He then screamed, "You! You are the one who made the two young girls! Traitor, I challenge you to a duel at the Vestri Court, in THIRTY MINUTES!" He then left the scene, with his smirk not being noticed, and the crowd started questioning themselves with questions like 'Who's going to win?' and 'Must definitely be Guiche!' I started thinking, as Louise came up to me, screaming, "Zoey! What are you doing?! You'll definitely be dead by the mage!" I then looked at her and I reassured her as I said, "It's okay. We're wielders of the trump card, remember?" She then immediately realized the fact that I had the Elementian Driver and I would be able to defeat Guiche in no time. She then smiled and told me to go to the Vestri Court, guiding me along the way.

Along the way, Louise told me that she wanted me to make a driver for her as well, because she told me that she was labeled as the Zero by many for her incompatibility in magic, like I mean, all four of the magic, and that her magic chants always end up in explosions. Okay, I can guess that's why I heard a freaking loud explosion in the morning just now, like a few hours ago. Again, I reassured her and I told her that I'd do it after defeating Guiche, and making him look like a little son of a bitch. Truth be told, I forgot to tell her that I had heard that fact billions and billions of times. When I reached the Vestri Court, I wasn't surprised by what I saw. I saw Guiche standing on a courtyard, because it is a Court, and there were people around the court, watching to see who would win. However, I wondered how people were not curious about the sword on my back, the E-Calibur, and I proceeded to step on the duel grounds. That was when Guiche suddenly claimed, "I am Guiche de Gramont, son of General Gramont, king of wars. It's time for you to throw your pride and cower in fear!" I looked at him with a look which would be familiar to my friends and I screamed, "Hah! I've seen bitches like you, boasting with all of your might, but when they try to fight,"

I then continued to scream, "They die, so you don't have a chance!" He looked at me with disbelief and continued, "You're still going to be no match for the monstrous beings that I have, waiting to tear your flesh apart, bit by bit!" I looked at him, with the smirk still on my face. He then held the rose that he had on his belt, for some reason I don't know why, and he took off the petals, and placed them on the floor, one by one, in a straight line. What questions me was that, why was he using a rose? He's not going to fight me with flower power, is he? He then screamed some random chant, and a few warriors started emerging from the ground. Ah, so that was why nobody was scared of the sword that was on my back, for they thought this Guiche had the upper hand. From what I know, it looks like I'm weak with only the sword, but trust me, when I wield the belt, they'll be shocked. I then let the monsters form into Guiche's new 'army', and he said, "Tear the fool's flesh to bits, my Valkyries!" The things then started running towards me, but I was able to block their strikes with the sword in my hand. I then retreated to the back, and I took out the belt to transform, for the second time. People were starting to think that I was crazy, and I was able to tell that fact, because they were looking at me in the weirdest way possible. When I was finally able to see Louise, I noticed that she was the only person that had a smile on her face, and she nodded at me, telling me to transform now.

I then placed the belt on my waist, letting it form around my waist, and I got ready to transform by taking out the Elemental Memory and the Flame Switch. I threw them in the air, and I grabbed them as I pressed both of them, letting them scream, 'Elemental!' and 'Flame!'. I then kept the smirk on my face, as I placed the Memory and the Switch into the respective slots. I then said my favorite quote of all time, 'Henshin!' as I brought the Memory onto the Switch to transform, for the second time, into Kamen Rider Elementia. Specks of flames began forming around me, as they started forming the bright and dark red armor of Form Flame, and I kept the same smirk on my face, as I finally transformed into Kamen Rider Elementia once again. The crowd's reactions were priceless; a mixture of surprise, shock and curiosity. I looked at him behind the mask, and I screamed, "I am Kamen Rider Elementia, Ruler of the Infinite Elements! Hide yourself away!" He looked at me in disbelief and he screamed, "Valkyries, destroy him!" The Valkyries then charged at me, with their swords in hand, but I was able to punch the crap out of them with my Flame Form abilities. However, I had finally realized that Form Flame was stronger than I had first tried. Whenever I tried punching any of the Valkyries, my fists started letting flames form around it, which meant fiery fists, something that I really fan girl over often.

Furthermore, my sword was affected by the form's abilities, so if I was in Form Flame, the sword would have fiery abilities, something that I also really adore. I then used my sword to destroy the Valkyries one by one, because, you know, for me, sword-fighting is better than ordinary regular fighting, because for well, reasons. The Valkyries, I noticed, were very weak, and hollow, until I realized the fact that, Guiche had very limited magic reserves, which meant that, if he wanted to swarm me, then his Valkyries would have to be kept to the minimum for his sake, to make sure he doesn't faint. I used it to his advantage, and I kept on punching the fuck out of the Valkyries, making sure none of them survived the attack. After a while of me punching the hell out of the Valkyries, there was only one left remaining. I finally felt happy, because Guiche had kept summoning his Valkyries over and over again, trying to literally rip my flesh from my body.

I had finally been saving this attack for the final Valkyrie, when all of a sudden, a cloaked figure walked onto the court clapping his hands, with a smirk on the person's face. I was curious at who the person was, and I rushed towards him, but then, I was thrown back by a mysterious force, and it was really mysterious to any of us, except the man in front of us. He then exclaimed at me, "Wielder of the Elementian Driver, Zoey Zeffrey, I challenge you to a duel!" Guiche then looked at the man, in disbelief, and he screamed, "No! This is my duel!" How I knew that the person in front of us was a male, was because of the tone of his voice. I then looked at the man standing in front of me, only smile exposed, and I told him, "I will accept your duel, but on one condition; I want you to show me your face!" The crowd then looked at me as if I were crazy, but the man smiled, and he said, "Yes, I will."

He then removed the part of the cloak that was covering his face, and below that part, showed his true form, somebody that completely shocked me. He then smiled and told, "Yes, it is me, Zoey. I'm Daichi, do you remember, Airumi's onii-chan?" I gasped and I rushed towards him, in Form Flame, but the force repelling against me was too strong and I fell back, and I left myself speechless as he took out something which looked like a Rider Belt. Don't tell me, that he is a Kamen Rider, what he meant by Riders being evil, and he placed it on his waist. The Driver, it looks so familiar, until I realized about the Sengoku Driver. No, it can't be, is he using a Gaim rider thing?! He then took out a new Lockseed unfamiliar to me, and it screamed, "Disaster!" Nothing appeared, but then I noticed he had two Lockseed slots, as he pulled out another one, and he let the Lockseed scream, "Volcano!" Two figures appeared from zippers appearing in the sky, one showing a disaster symbol and one showing a volcano appeared, and the two icons fused together, then as Daichi placed them on the slots, he pressed both Lockseeds.

The belt then screamed, "Form Volcano!" The fused figure/thing fell on him, as he transformed the way Gaim did. The volcano figure wrapped itself around Daichi's body and turned itself into his armor. The end product was a bit more than surprising, because it looked like a living nightmare to everybody except me, because I knew Riders that were worse than what Daichi had become, Kamen Rider Disaster. So, this was the Kamen Rider that I dreaded. But how, did it manifest into Daichi's body and let him be the user of this Driver? I shook the thoughts off, as I prepared to punch him, as Form Flame, once again. I noticed that the repelling force's aura had worn off, and that was the chance I took to punch him. However, I realized that I was way weaker than him when my punches hit him, because he easily shook them off and punched me back with no mercy.

I took out the E-Calibur and I started striking and slashing him with the E-Calibur, now enchanted with flame, and the sword was able to do damage to the now standing Daichi, but however, the attacks proved worthless, as they dealt too little damage to him, and he smiled, asking, "Really? Is that all you got?" I was shocked the most, and the whole crowd started gasping in shock. I then walked back a little, still shocked, and I then realized that I had four switches, and I had only used the Flame one, and I took out a different Switch, and this one, for a change, was bright and calm blue in color, which made me want to smile. I then replaced the Flame Switch with the bright blue Switch, and I brought the Memory onto the Switch, making me switch form for the first time. Specks of water started appearing around me, and I switched into this new form, which was blue color in terms of armor.

The belt then screamed, "Phase Element Form Water!" I then smiled, and I knew a way to defeat Daichi now. I then told, "Come at me, Daichi. There's no way you'll defeat me!" He then looked at me, behind the mask, and he started to charge at me, pretty confident that he was going to defeat me. I knew that fire's weakness was water, and that if Daichi was in Form Volcano, a fire-typed form, water would work on him. I then kept my guard up as Daichi hit me straight in the chest, making sure that the attack would faze me, by at least one bit. I smiled, and I immediately kept on punching Daichi making sure he could not bring his guard up at all. I kept my eyes focused on the enemy instead of wandering away to the crowd. I looked at Daichi and I kept the small smile on my face, while at the same time, focusing on punching the fuck out of him.

A few minutes later, I finally noticed that he was now tired and all, and that his punches were starting to become weaker and weaker, and I smirked behind the mask. I looked at him as I walked towards him, after repelling him back at the edge of the court. I then said, "Run! I want to see you stronger, you measly asshole!" He looked at me with anger, but with a smile, and he walked away from the scene, leaving everybody shocked and surprised. I then noticed that Louise was the only one smiling at me out of everybody in the crowd, and I then asked loud, "Change of topic. Where the hell is the brat, Guiche? I would sure love to give him a beating of his life!" He then walked out, as he screamed, "I yield! I yield!" So this is how the magi of Halkeginia are. Weak and pathetic, but it doesn't always apply to every mage. Like Louise, for example. She does look weak on the outside, but I can sense her fierce and strong side inside of her. She just needs that right training to help in such stuff.

I then screamed, "Say sorry to the girls you cheated on, or by Lucifer, I'll take away what makes you a man!" The boy, named Guiche, gasped, and ran away, begging for forgiveness from the two girls he cheated on. Well, one of the daily problems are over. I noticed Louise running towards me from the gasping crowd, and she grabbed my hand as she brought me to her room. Well, it looks like I had some explaining, perhaps, to do. When we reached her room, she immediately locked the door, and asked, "Well, for one thing, you've proven yourself to me." She then smiled and continued, "You proved that I wasn't just a Zero to all. Thank you, Zoey." She then hugged me, and I smiled back and I told her, "Louise, I know why you make explosions." She looked at me and gasped, saying something like, 'Why?' I then took a seat on her bed and I explained, "I remember hearing at sometime that there were five types of mages; fire, earth, air, water and VOID. You don't have any power in the first four, which could make you a VOID mage. I also read in one of those books that the familiars of void mages were supposed to be humans, and that were only four types of runes that would be engraved, Gandalfr, which is similar to the runes on my hand, Lifdrasir, Miodaitnir and Windalfr." She gasped, and I continued, "The reason why Brimir, the founder, can do all types of magic, is because, their kind can do all types of magic, just not combine them." She smiled, and asked, "Can you train me, with a Driver? Please..." I shrugged, saying yes, and I told, "Why don't we get started with the belt? I could make a weapon for you at the same time." She smiled, and she screamed, "YES!"

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