Monday, 30 June 2008

Mak Engah's Cat. His name is Bernerd

Saturday, 28 June 2008

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My Family

Baby Daniel - still in hospital

Baby Daniel is Abang Boboy's son. He is still in the hospital. He only can go home once his weight reach 1.9 kg.His weight now is 1.6 kg. When I was born, I was 3.6 kg. Now I am 6 years old and my weight is 26 kg. I was born in 18.6.2002 after 40 weeks and 3 days in Mummy womb. Whereas Baby Daniel was born on 17.5.2008 after 28 weeks in Kak Matun womb. I was born very healthy and without any health problem. My parents taken me back home after 2 days I was in hospital.I and Baby Daniel was born same way - Cesarean [operation]. Baby Daniel was borned premature , only 28 weeks pregnancy. Whereas normal baby is born after 37- 40 weeks in womb.

Yamaha music teacher - My Lovely Miss Jean

Hi Ms Jean. You are my lovely teacher [piano]. Thank you for teaching me. I wish I will pass my practical exam with distinction. I promise to practice my piano more often. My trial piano exam is on 7.7.2008 from 6:30 till 6:45 pm with Ms Erika. My actual exam is on 29.7.2008 from 9:30 till 9:45 am. Wish me best of luck.

Swimming - to keep away my big tummy

KLCC Here Zoey comes

At daday's office and KLCC

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Zoey Activities

6th Birthday Celebration 4

6th Birthday Celebration 3

6th Birthday Celebration

The World

We live in the world. We never die till the Day of Judgement. Allah is the one and only God. "Story: Once upon a time, when Daddy was 5, his mother was dead.
She was 35 years old. Now Daddy is 35 Years Old. Atuk Abah is old. He is 56 years old.
Daddy's father died when he was 77 years old. The End."
(Moral:Love your parents when they are alive.)

My 6th Birthday