Thursday, 30 October 2008

Open House 2008 - Raya 2

These are my swimming instructors from Supersharkz. From left is Kakak Eka, Abang Azam, Abang Shahri, my favourite instructor with black sunglasses - Abang Shahrul and my scary teacher Abang Hafiz [he pushed me to swiming pool when I was in level 1 since I took sometime to jump into poo because i am very scared - now- no more scare]

These are my cousin - Abang Logarm [next to him is his daughter, his wife, me, Kak Eida and kak Anis. He is an engineer at Petronas, Paka Terengganu. He graduated from Monash, Melbourn, Australia . My father told me that he got his nick name Logarm when he studied at SDAR, Seremban. He is son to Uncle Bak, live in JB.

This is me playing with my friends

Monday, 27 October 2008

Open House 2008 - Raya

Me, Kakak Eka, Abang Shahrul

Abang Azam, Abang Hafiz, Kakak Eka, Abang Shahrul, Me, Daddy

Tok Su, Baby, Azril

I had invited my swimming instructors to come to my house for Hari Raya.
I am very happy.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

I Love My Atuk Mama & Atuk Abah Kampung

My atuk mama kampung in Selama, Taiping Perak. My atuk abah kampung in Pendang, Kedah. My kampung is in Ampang. My atuk mama & atuk abah live in Ampang; then my kampung is in Ampang, KL.
My daddy kampung is from Muar, Johor. My daddy parents died already. My daddy said this year raya we are not back to Muar. I will go to Johor during my school holiday in December; we can go to JB and Orchard Road, Singapore.

Environmental Science

Atuk Abah Kampung in Pendang, Kedah

Samarinda fruit

Atuk Abah's Kampung is very beautiful. I could see padi field, mountain, rubber tree, oil palm tree, buah nam-nam, coconut and many thing.