Saturday, 31 May 2008

Exam Result - mid term assesment

Dear Kak Effa,Kak Eida,Kak Anis,Kak Azie,Makngah and Pakngah.

My teacher said i got 100% for all subjects. Kak Effa have to treat me at Mcdonald.


Tommorow we go to Muar together.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Sport Day

Tommorrow 30/5/2008 at Stedium Bolasepak Kuala Lumpur is my 1st school sport day. I am very excited and happy.

Wish Good Health Kak Matun & Baby

Dear Kak Matun

I pray for Kak Matun health and Baby and wish them out from hospital soon.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Assesment for mid-term 3

Dear Kak Eida, Kak Effa, Kak Azie and Kak Anis

My assessment exam for term 3 will take place on 20/5/2008 till 23/5/2008. Wish me good luck for 100% for all subjects.

Result for ABRSM -Music Theory

Dear blogers

my ABRSM- Music Theory Grade One just came out. I only managed to get merit only with 87% marks. My teacher Ms Jane said that still good since she said I am the youngest sitting for the Grade 1 exam.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Train Ride

Last Saturday I and family check in into Quality Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. My mother attended course for whole day. I had good train ride. I took train from Bandaraya Train Station to Sri Petaling [Island of Sodor] I and my brother, Ryan enjoyed the train very much.

I saw lot of cars, building, people and stations.

I had swimming in Hotel swimming pool but that hotel do'nt have children pool only adult pool. I also played in the bath tub. I had very short good holiday.

Thank you Mummy. I love you