Friday, 29 February 2008

Singapore - this weekend


My father going to take me to Singapore this weekend .....horay!!!!!!!!! we going have a night at my uncle Bak house then uncle hisham wedding. after that hai singapura


Trip to Botanical Garden - Putra Jaya

Dear Kak Anis

i'll be going Botanical Garden Putrajaya today 29/2/2008 for my school trip. i looking forward to see all plant and insect.

thank you

Kak Anis's Hospital Selayang Family Day

Dear Kak Anis

Thank you for took me to Tiara Beach Resort Port Dickson for hari keluarga. I no more scare slide.


2nd term assesment results

Hai kak anis, kak Eidah, kak Aji and kak effa

my result for 2nd term assesment exam just came out - i got 100 % for Environmental Sains and Bahasa Malaysia. My Maths i got 2 questions answered wrong only 98% and my English i only got 98 1/2 % and my agama i got 100 %

Zoey - I love you all.