Saturday, 3 March 2012

How to prepare exam

I prepare for the exam by studying very hard. I have to work harder during my exam. I need to do lots of exercises and work. I must not go away from home before the exam. I must study my BM, English, science and work hard. I need to do harder in my studies. I need to have more ideas during composition. I must have every subject lots of As.

Poem to my lovely father

A - adorable Z - zest M - magical A - angry N - nice My father is adorable, He is full of zest. He is very magical. Sometimes he is angry, But at other times he is nice.

My first poem

Poem about me ZOEY ZEFFREY AZMAN Z - zest O - optimized E - empty Y - yolk Z - zest E - entertained F - friendly F - fun R - reserved E - eager Y - young The life full of zest, Trying to be optimized. Sometimes our hearts are empty, But some are full of yolk. The life is full of zest, Loved to be entertained. Surrounding the friendly, And having lots of fun. People who are reserved, They're very eager. I am a young child, Who cannot withstand.

Friday, 2 March 2012

New School - Stella Marris

Dear Bloger

This is my 3rd  months in a new school.  After 5 years in Sayfol International School then my Dad decided to move me to a private school belong to catholic church and following Malaysian subjects.  This school is quite small and compact. Seem like we know each other quite fast.

The students mainly Malaysian come different races and Chinese is a majority in this school.  The first month is quite though for me but slowly adapting well with a new stuff and a new set of teachers and friends .  Well, after a couple of months here, I managed to find a new friends but still missing my old friends which always in my heart.  Luckily Facebook has been is a good forum for me to keep in touch with them.

My favourite teacher are Mr Teh who is teaching me maths and Pn Effa, my Bahasa Malaysia teacher.  Mr Teh did allow me to do maths up to my level and currently just completed primary 6 book and he will give me a Secondary 1 maths work book for me to work on it.

Pn Effa also very helpful and without feeling bored..assisting me in Malay Language subject. Well hope I will do well for this coming 1st semester exam..and I will try hard to full fill my own dream and to achieve my goal to become a cardio-thoracic surgeon.

1st Semester Test and Monthly Test Results

Soon my first semester test is coming. I need to improve on my bahasa melayu. My monthly test results: Maths , 100 Science, 97 BM , 40 Average , 100 , 97, 40 : 237 / 3 - 79