Monday, 31 December 2007

Al-Muhajirun S.A.W

Al Muhajirun (the migrants) were the early Makkah Muslims who went to Madinah leaving their homes and property behind to assist the Prophet Muhammad in his mission.
The first migration to place in 615 A.D., when the qurash started to torturing the small Muslim community in Makkah. They when to Abyssina. They were eleven men and four women, followed by a hundred more. Later they joined the Prophet in Madinah.
In 623 A.D. the Qurash chief decided to assassinate the Prophet to stop the spread of the message of Islam.Allah revealed their plan to the Prophet. He then left for Madinah along with his friend, Abu Bakr. In all, 300 migrants followed him. They were taken care of by the Ansars (Helpers), the of Madinah. In this way, the brotherhood of Islam was established.


Dear Bloggers

Happy new year to everybody who know me.

Zoey & His Family

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

Dear Blogers

Our Prophet Muhammad was born on 22nd April 570 A.D. in Makkah, to Abdullah ibn Abd Al-Mutatalib and Amina. His father died 2 months before his birth and his mother died when he was 6 years old. His grandfather, Abd Al-Muttalib, took care of him and after his death, when the Prophet Muhammad was 8 years old, his uncle, Abu Talib, brought him up with his own family. Prophet Muhammad was a very thoughtful boy. His took good care of his family's sheep. Even as a boy he belived in one God, the God of the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). As he grew older, he became known for his righteousness, tolerence, patience, truthfulness and trustworthiness. He experience of trading and honesty attracted the attention of Khadijah, a 40 years old widow a rich merchant. He was 25 yeras old. They had a happy and a comfortable marrige. They had 6 children, 4 daughters and 2 sons. The sons died in infancy.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to Pak Engah, Mak Engah, kak Effa, Kak Anis, Kak Eida and Kak Aji and every one who know me.

Zoey Zeffrey Azman Bin Azman

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

crawl to walk

This picture taken when i was 2 years old at Secret Recepie Ampang Point on my 2nd birthday

My tumbe tots school shirt - i was 2 years old. My teacher at tumble tots is Pn Liza

My mummy told me i started crawling at 8 months. My fisrt word is bird...and I only said only bird until 16 months old

Zoey and love one

Me and grand mother

Me and my mother

I and my mummy

I and my daddy

I and my grand father

I was 6 months old

This was my 1st Hari Raya

Zoey start eating.

I look cute

Mummy told me i started eating at age of 4 months.

My favourite food are Farly,Gerber,Cereal.
I vomited when my mother gave me porridge.
This picture was taken on the 1st day my mother gave me solid food

I was 3 months old

I was a baby.My picture when i was 3 months old

Mummy told me i 'm a cute boy.

Everybody loves me.

My Birthday

This is my Hospital card. I was born at Darul Ehsan Medical Centre on 7.46 pm-18/6/2002

When i was a baby

I was in Mummy womb

Mummy told me, this is my picture when i was in mummy womb. Everyday mummy called me Zoey and I kicked mummy womb when mummy called my name. Mummy put headphone to mummy womb for me to hear Mozzart and Bethoveen song. Some time mummy read a Quran for me.

My daddy and Mummy - wedding picture

Mummy and Daddy is the best parent in the world


Dear Friends

Do you love your teacher ? I love my teachers. My class teacher is Mrs Shelly, She was sick and just back to school. I wish her Merry X'mas. Hope Santa will bring her happiness.
I love my music teacher Ms Choo and my daddy told me she want to get marry soon.
I love my computer teacher Ms Imba, My Bahasa teacher Ms Maria, My Agama teacher Pn Halima and My Art teacher Ms Betty.
Ms Betty gave me B only for my art subject because my drawing not good.
My teacher gave me A for Maths, Environmental Studies, English, Bahasa, Agama and Physical Education.

Thank you teacher.


Dear Friends

I'm in school holiday from 3/12/2007 - 3/1/2008. Horay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My mummy and daddy went to school on 4/12/2007 to collect my school report card. My mummy told me all teachers said i'm good and hard working boy. My 1st term result was excellent.