Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Magic Zoey

Zoey and Daddy Friends & Staff

Zoey and Piano

Waiting for turn

Zoey Before an Exam

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Actual piano exam

My actual piano is 2 more days from now on 27/7/2008. My teacher will upgrade me too Grade 3. The songs I play: Mini Rag, Andante and Allegro in F. My exam is in Grand Blue Waves.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

My swimming class

My Lovely Class Teacher - Ms Shelly

Ms Shelly is nice and kind teacher. She taught me for English, EVS and Maths.

last day in primary 1

These are my friends : from the left - Do Hee from North Korea, Johnson from Turkey, Huvindu from India, Zoey from Malaysia, Wafi from Saudi Arabia and Ellie is from England.

Prize Giving Day

The prize giving day was on 17th July 2008. I sung ' Sing a song for nature'
I'm 2nd from the left and Sofiya is 3rd from the left. She is in my class.

Allegro in F

We play Allegro in F like this: C F F G G A Bflat C C A G Bflat F E F C F C F F G G A Bflat C C A G Bflat F E F C F C A G C A G C A G F E C A G C A G C A G F E C F F G G A Bflat C C A G Bflat F E F C F.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Summer Holiday

My school summer holiday was started on 18/7/2008 until 3/9/2008. My father said I can wake-up late and stay up late too. My parent bought text books for Primary 2.

My piano practical exam is on 29/7/2008. I got merit for my piano trial exam with Ms Erica. Ms Erica likes my Mini Rag, Allegro F and Andante. I need more practical on my Sight Reading. My oral I got full mark. Total mark I got 128/150.

I will do my best for my final piano exam. Ms Marry said I'm the youngest in Yamaha sitting for grade.

After that, Ms Jean said she will upgrade me to grade 3.

My daddy took me to swimming class every Saturday and Sunday. I will try my best to be a good swimmer and to give away my big tummy.


This is my Quran teacher - My Mak Ngah. I love Mak Ngah, Pak Ngah, Kak Effa, Kak Anis, Kak Eidah and Kak Aji. Mak Ngah said I can read Quran and my Iqrak 6 is finished. Mak Ngah said they want to make a celebration. I want to ask Atuk Mama to cook Yellow Glatinous Rice

Prize Giving Day

On 17 July 2008 was my school Prize Giving Day. I have taken part in choir for Prize Giving Day. I sung "the Force of Nature". Next term I want to take up violin and I don't want to continue my choir. I want to become a member of Sayfol Symphony Orchestra. In an orchestra, they need more than one voilinist. I can play piano and in Orchastra they need one pianist only.

My Final Term Result

My parent just collected my final term report card on 17/7/2008. That a last day for primary 1. On 4/9/2008 I'll be in Primary 2.

I got 100% in Environmental Studies (EVS), Malay Language, Islamic Religion and 99% for my Maths and English. My total average score is 99%. I short of 1% to get 100%. I also got A in Art, Music, Physical Education and Computing Studies.

My class teacher written in my report card "Zoey has a bright, enquiring mind and a keen, responsible attitude to all class and school activities. He is extremely well motivated to learn and works quietly and conscientiously at all times. Zoey has maintained a high standard of effort and attainment in all curricular areas thought this term".

Thank you to all my teachers - Ms Shelly, Ms Betty, Ms Imba, Ms Choo, Ms Maria and Ms Alima.

My school gave me a Certificate for Excellence in All Subjects.

Thank you to my choir teacher Ms Michelle and Ms Charlotte.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

My room

This is my bedroom

I love surfing and writting blog at this family area

My bed and my brother

My cute faces