Saturday, 25 April 2009


My parents collected my Report Book for term 2 result. I got A in all subjects:-

1. English Language - A [92%]
2. Mathematics - A [94%]
3. Art - A
4. Music - A
5. Physical Education - A
6. Computing Studies -A
7. Bahasa Malaysia - A [92%]
8. Environmental Studies - A [98%]
9. Islamic Studies - A [96%]

Teacher commented in her comments

" Zoey is a bright and intelligent child. He works hard to get good results and finishes his tasks promptly. He has great potential and works towards achieving it. He participates in class discussion, giving comments, ideas and views. However, he needs to be reminded to socialise less in class."

This term I got new teacher Ms Khaleda to replace Ms Suja. Ms Khaleda is from Pakistan. I hope she become a good teacher like ms Sherley.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Practising Piano

My teacher, Ms Jean, asked me to do scales for 15 minutes last Friday, but I did 30 minutes. Ms Jean asked me to do scale and song 15 minutes and she will tick my theory. I need to play Allegro Grazioso, Mazurka, The First Snowdrop and Mozzie. And then next month Ms Jean will link me to Grade 3 ABRSM.

Mt Opir [Gunung Ledang} Holiday

Holiday in Gunung Ledang [Mt Opir] Johor

Zoey Love Mummy, Atuk Mama & Adik