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B1C04: Sympathy

19 January 2015 at 14:46
Once Sayaka and I reunited with the group, we proceeded with searching for the clues for the only way to get out. As we were walking around the abandoned bomb shelter, I noticed a person sitting by the corridor crying with two others. Ayumi whispered to me and told me that they were the three spirits we ran away from. I knew what to do. I finally understood their situation. I told everyone to step three steps backward, and I proceeded forward, walking towards the three people with a heavy heart. They noticed me walking towards me and I told the three of them, "Please tell me how you are. I want to understand everything. How did you die? I didn't know you were innocent until now. Tell me everything." They came closer to me with nothing in their hands, and I heavily went towards them, and told them that I was sorry for what they had gone through. I never lied to them, and if I did lie, I would have told them. I sat beside them where they were, and I asked them to tell me everything. How their lives were before the incident, how painful the killing was, and how were their lives after the incident. Before they began to tell their story, the others happened to walk by, and see them. I told the three of them, "Don't kill them. We don't want to harm you or threaten you. We just want to know your stories." The other six sat around the three and the three children began to tell their stories.

"We don't remember when, but there was a time when we were captured by a man named Yoshikazu Yanagihori with someone else, and we were brought to the dissection room, the four of us, and the incident happened. From what we know, it only meant two things. Torture and suffering only come to our minds. I don't understand why we have to suffer this way."

I was surprised and I told the girl, "It is okay, Yuki. I understand how you feel. I've been through this before. I know what it feels like to suffer and be tortured. I wish I could do magic, and if I could do it, I would have revived the three of you. The three of you don't deserve to suffer. I'll do my best to revive you. I am so sorry." She smiled and I proceeded to do what I normally did, I smiled and I got up. This day wasn't over. We were only a few steps from the way back. We could not wait, and we would not give up in finding the final piece of the puzzle. We continued looking around the abandoned bomb shelter, and we suddenly noticed a small but very major and useful pattern. There were a few levers around one of the rooms we had found. We tried pulling all the levers at the same time, and a door opened. It took a while to find the door, but in the end, we found the door anyways. It led into a very long hallway which seemed to take hours to cross, but once we reached the end of the hallway, we found ourselves in the final hallway, which had only one lone door in front of the seven of us, and we knew that this was the final actual piece in solving the puzzle of getting home.

Both Satoshi and Ayumi took out two things that made me wonder whether this was the way to obtain the final piece, which is to appease Sachiko. Satoshi held a pouch which he said, had Sachiko's tongue, and Ayumi had a plushie of a cat, which she said was Sachiko's gift from her mother, and we did what we needed to do. We opened the door, and then walked through it, and we were face-to-face with Sachiko herself. It was really a nightmare, as she made us suddenly freeze. We were unable to move, and we could do nothing but watch Sachiko as she started to kill us. She started her final killing spree by targeting Yuka, but I told Sachiko, "Why do you want to kill? Death, murder, hatred and sadness are not things you should have!" Sachiko then unfroze us, and Satoshi started by giving Sachiko the pouch with her tongue, and Sachiko screamed, " E" We were shocked, and Ayumi took out the finale, the cat plushie, and it turned her back to normal, but there was a sudden massive earthquake. We knew we had to run, and there was the way out. We followed the route we had taken earlier, and Yuki suddenly appeared in front of us and said, "Looks like it's over for me, but I know how to get out. Go to the bridges between worlds and jump from it." We knew what it meant, and we knew we had to get out. She also mentioned that seven bells would start ringing, one at a time, and we had to escape before the seventh bell rang. We had to go through many corridors before finally reaching the 'bridge between worlds', which is the bridge connecting the first block and the second block. The seven of us knew that it was final over, and with a happy heart, the seven of us jumped out of the bridge and into the portal home.

It was finally over. We had reached back to Kisaragi Academy. It was hard to accept that we were final home after surviving danger, but we could not accept the fact that we had lost five of our friends; Mayu, Morishige, Seiko, Yoshiki, and Ms. Yui. We knew that they would be surprised, but we were relieved to be home. We packed the bags that were left behind, and right before we left, Ayumi told us, "Make sure you come to school tomorrow, okay?" We nodded and we went back home.

The next morning, we were surprised when we asked our classmates about our five friends. They claimed to not know them, and they never knew such people existed. It looks like there are consequences when something happens. We looked at the picture and sure enough, only four faces were there, with the others blacked out. They were gone. They don't exist. Only we can remember them. I screamed, "Why?!" as I cried.
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