Sunday, 25 January 2015



The only thing separating the five of us and the other three were corridors and dead ends. This school seemed more like a maze than a school. The only two things we needed to have were patience and silence. However, silence came very rarely, since the girls would keep talking to each other, and I was a little bit irritated, but the thought of hitting and scolding them never came to me. I did not want to be that rude up to the point where I would hit them. We just continued until I realized that something was odd about this place. I turned around and I realized that something was there. I told everybody to follow me as I went to the thing that made me confused. There was not one spirit, but three spirits. The three of them were holding scissors in their hands, and it was really obvious what they were going to do. I told everybody to run, since they were going to kill us.

After a couple of minutes, we outran them and we were in the same hallway the three of us were when we saw Mayu's remains. Satoshi and Yuka were surprised at the remains and asked me whose they were. I replied back, "The girl who's moving," with a heavy tone. They knew what I was talking about and told me, "I'm sorry for you losing Mayu." I felt like I needed to go to the restroom, so I went to the third floor one with the rest. I trembled in fear when I saw what was in the boys' restroom. There was Morishige's corpse on the floor, with his phone in his hand. I took the phone from Morishige's corpse, and I brought the phone outside so the other four of them could see it. I told them, "We lost one more friend," as I showed them the phone. Satoshi noticed that Morishige's phone had recorded something. The five of us watched it and realized something, that Morishige was smashed to death by a guy wielding a sledgehammer, and that the murderer's accomplice was the girl in red. We were shocked and Naomi told us, "Seiko died here too." I felt sorry for Naomi as I told her not to cry.

I told the other four to stay away from me for a while as I went to the second floor, and I wondered the halls. I heard a scream behind me as I was walking, and I found Ayumi, who was chasing me. She asked me, "Why are you like this, Zoey? This is no time to give up! Stop thinking that we'll never make it out! We'll try!" She started crying and I realized that Ayumi was telling the truth. I looked at Ayumi and hugged her as I said, "I'm sorry, Ayumi. It was totally my mistake. I thought that I had no more hope left. Looks like a single strand of hope removed all of that hopelessness, Ayumi. You thought that hope is never lost." She looked up to me and smiled. By then, the other three had arrived, and they looked at us. I smiled, and they gave no response. We continued our long journey.

We bumped into a girl midway and she showed us a look that made me think I knew her. I quickly had an idea, and I muttered, "Naho Saenoki?" I was actually right, and Ayumi asked me on how I knew about Naho. I whispered to her, "Sometimes, when I go into your room, you're so busy looking at Naho's blog on your laptop, right?" Ayumi's jaw fell open, and she then closed her mouth. I asked her, "So how is Sayaka?" She was surprised and asked me of how I knew of Sayaka. I told her, "I know her because she was one of my friends before, and I know you can't get here alone. You need two people to do the Sachiko Ever Charm, don't you? And from what I know, you're from Paulownia Academy, the same school where Sayaka studies." Everybody was surprised and I decided that the six of us (now that Naho has joined us) would split into two groups, Naomi and Yuka will go with Satoshi, and Naho and Ayumi would go with me. Satoshi's group would explore the other building, and my group would explore this building. They headed off as we decided to start from the third floor. We checked the girls' restroom and we saw a secret entrance that Naomi had somehow not noticed before. Naho, after a few minutes, came back with the three of them, and we headed down the ladder.

We found a secret room that a school would not normally have, which was an underground bomb shelter, and it really was a surprise to see this area. I heard a girl screaming and I realized it was Sayaka who was screaming. I needed to split so I could get her without being caught. The other five wandered somewhere else, while I looked for Sayaka. I looked around every room so I could find her. She used to be my best friend too in the four years that I was not with Ayumi. I realized there was a room I missed and I explored the room. The dissection room, as the room was, was filled with the stench of corpses and the sight of blood was very creepy. I saw Sayaka under the dissection table and I managed to get her before anybody else entered the room. When we left the room, Sayaka hugged me and told me, "Thanks for coming back, Zoey. I wish you were still here with me." I was a little confused by that last sentence, and we search for the other five so we could try to get out of here.

After a little bit of searching, we managed to stumble into the other five who started delivering the bad news; Yoshiki and Ms. Yui had died. Looks like we're the only ones who can make it out alive, but we still had hope that we could finally escape from Heavenly Host in peace. Nothing would get in our way this time.

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