Wednesday, 28 January 2015

English Session on 28th of January (10:30 - 11:30)

Today's English session was fun, at the minimum, because this is my first English class with my new teacher since the IMO camp. Man, it was a really big nightmare, but that's another cookie for a different dip. The English session consisted of mostly presentation of 4/14 people, but for me, it seemed nice and quiet. Do I have to be related to her in any way? No. Why am I related to her in any way? I don't know why. What is her name? I can't tell you her name in any way at all. Ask anybody related to me, such as my classmates from 2K3, and you'll find out who she is. The first two presentations in total, were basic. From what I think, they had very minimal time, so they weren't able to finish their slides so they did it by hand, or by foot :). Anyways, it was overall, good, so nice job to me :)

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