Saturday, 19 March 2016

What can an adults, learn from a small child?

What can  an adults, learn from a small child?

1.  A child can do more than that? he can changes your mood with one of his innocents smiles or looks. He can brings love to a real taught heart with a simple hard spoken word.They are our candles, we just forgot about them, we think we are in charge and control but no we need them badly.

2. Child is the first democratic protester he can teach adult also some peaceful techniques for asking, to get his needs he use different techniques as from shaking his parents hardly to emotional pressure as pretending sadness or sickness until he reach the final mass destruction weapon of intensive continuous crying !! No one can resist that!!
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3. And the reason the child is happy for no reason is the child is wise enough to know that "to be" is a great potential for change in the universe; it is the per-cursor to be. Adults are so caught up in "to have" the have forgotten "to be" listening, "to be" quiet, "to be" there for others; they think "they have" to say something intelligent when someone else is in grief, or despair.

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