Thursday, 1 January 2009

My school holiday - Trip to Melaka

Last 28 December 2008 I had a trip to Melaka. I went to Melaka with my parents and my younger brother, Ryan as well as Makngah family. I went to Melaka by car. I stayed at Avillion hotel in Jalan Hang Tua. My room was 1218. Kak Effa's room was 1217. Makngah' s room was 824. At the ground floor there was a swimming pool. At 8:45 - 28 december 2008 , we went to Umbai. We had a great time . We also played in the bath tub. During 29 December 2008, we stayed there for 6 hours. Than we check-out. Than we went back home. We had a boat ride at Melaka River. The ride took about 40 minutes.We had lunch at Ikan Bakar. On 29 December , we planned to have lunch at Bandar Hilir to eat Asam Pedas. I took a different car from my parents. Kak Anis drove the car. When we reached one traffic light, my father's car managed to cross the traffic light, Suddenly, the trafic light turned to red colour and the police wrapped the yellow tape and Kak Anis car seperated from my parents car. Finnaly I had a lunch at one restoran near to Kak Azie hostel, UTEM Ayer Keroh while my parents had a lunch at one restoran opposite Tun Fatimah Stadium. We united at Kak Agie hostel.

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