Thursday, 30 October 2008

Open House 2008 - Raya 2

These are my swimming instructors from Supersharkz. From left is Kakak Eka, Abang Azam, Abang Shahri, my favourite instructor with black sunglasses - Abang Shahrul and my scary teacher Abang Hafiz [he pushed me to swiming pool when I was in level 1 since I took sometime to jump into poo because i am very scared - now- no more scare]

These are my cousin - Abang Logarm [next to him is his daughter, his wife, me, Kak Eida and kak Anis. He is an engineer at Petronas, Paka Terengganu. He graduated from Monash, Melbourn, Australia . My father told me that he got his nick name Logarm when he studied at SDAR, Seremban. He is son to Uncle Bak, live in JB.

This is me playing with my friends

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