Monday, 29 September 2008


I passed my level 2 swimming exam. My daddy said if i pass my level 2 he want to buy me water shooter. I had try my best and I passed my freestyle by one try. Till today i still unable to do backstroke kick. The examiner, Mr Mark Chua gave me second chance and he asked to do back float until 10 counts and i did it....

My instructor, Abang Sharul very supprised. My daddy, Kak Eka very supprised too. My daddy asked the examiner and he said my freestyle is ok. and the backstroke kick I can learn again in level 3, when I learn back stroke swim. My daddy told me, Mr Mark Chua said i can upliff my stomach and do back float is enough for me to do backstroke swimm later.

I am very sad, my good friend Euric and Esha did not pass thier leval 2 exam. They are my good friend. I like to play with Eugine and Euric and thier parent. I like to race swim with kicking board with Esha and Euric.

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Fieda said...

Yeah..congrats zoey can do it..