Sunday, 24 August 2008

Enchanting Moments With Bobby Chen

The Stage
Me alone
Me and Ms Choo
The program

I watched Bobby Chen Concert at DEWAN JUBLI PERAK SAAS, Section 6, Shah Alam. That concert was organized by YAMAHA. Bobby Chen is perodigy in classical music. He started to learn music at England at age of 11 years old. He completed his grade 8 at age of 11 years old. He is from Sabah and currently he play his music at Europe. He is the best Asian Pianist after Lang-Lang [ played at opening ceromony Beijing Olympic. I watched the concert with my father. I met my Sayfol music teacher - Ms Choo.

1. Sonata Op. 13 "Pathetique" by Beethoven,
2. Romeo And Juliet : 10 Pieces for Piano Op. 75 by Prokofiev
3. Impromptus Op. 90 by Schubert
4. Nocturne Op. 9 by Chopin
5. Ballade Op.23 by Chopin

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