Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Holiday in Melaka - 28/12/2008

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Cute Faces

Khutbah Nabi Muhammad [SAW] yang terakhir untuk dijadikan panduan

This message was posted by Zoey's Father to advise his son to keep this Prophet Khutbah as a reference in Zoey's life....Azman 23/12/2008

Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) delivered his last sermon (Khutbah) on the ninth of Dhul Hijjah (12th and last month of the Islamic year), 10 years after Hijrah (migration from Makkah to Madinah) in the Uranah Valley of mount Arafat. His words were quite clear and concise and were directed to the entire humanity.
After praising, and thanking Allah he said:

"O People, lend me an attentive ear, for I know not whether after this year, I shall ever be amongst you again. Therefore listen to what I am saying to you very carefully and TAKE THESE WORDS TO THOSE WHO COULD NOT BE PRESENT HERE TODAY.

O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted to you to their rightful owners. Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you. Remember that you will indeed meet your LORD, and that HE will indeed reckon your deeds. ALLAH has forbidden you to take usury (interest), therefore all interest obligation shall henceforth be waived. Your capital, however, is yours to keep. You will neither inflict nor suffer any inequity. Allah has Judged that there shall be no interest and that all the interest due to Abbas ibn ‘Abd’al Muttalib (Prophet’s uncle) shall henceforth be waived…

Beware of Satan, for the safety of your religion. He has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small things.

O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under Allah’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste.

O People, listen to me in earnest, worship ALLAH, say your five daily prayers (Salah), fast during the month of Ramadan, and give your wealth in Zakat. Perform Hajj if you can afford to.
All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.

Remember, one day you will appear before ALLAH and answer your deeds. So beware, do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.

O People, NO PROPHET OR APOSTLE WILL COME AFTER ME AND NO NEW FAITH WILL BE BORN. Reason well, therefore, O People, and understand words which I convey to you. I leave behind me two things, the QURAN and my example, the SUNNAH and if you follow these you will never go astray.

All those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; and may the last ones understand my words better than those who listen to me directly. Be my witness, O ALLAH, that I have conveyed your message to your people".

(Reference: See Al-Bukhari, Hadith 1623, 1626, 6361) Sahih of Imam Muslim also refers to this sermon in Hadith number 98. Imam al-Tirmidhi has mentioned this sermon in Hadith nos. 1628, 2046, 2085. Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal has given us the longest and perhaps the most complete version of this sermon in his Masnud, Hadith no. 19774.)

Azman Mohamed - Zoey's Father on 23/12/2008 at 2.29pm

Friday, 12 December 2008

I Love my Pak Utih

This is my uncle Professor Dr Azali, he is my father elder brother and I like him very much.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy - 23/11/2008

Zoey and Ryan love mummy very much. Good luck and wish mummy all the best in her life.

My Term 1 - primary 2 exam result

My parents collected my report book for term 1 exam. I got 100% for EVS and Agama. I got A for English, Maths, Art, Computer, Bahasa, EVS and Agama. I got B for Music and PE.

My class teacher- Ms. Suja Seelan wrote her comment "Zoey is an active boy. He is intelligent and always shows interest in class discussion as well as in other activities. He also very helpful. Zoey has done very well and should keep up with the hard work. Well done Zoey! "

School Holiday

Hooray! My school holiday just started from 4/12/2008 till 4/1/2009.
I went to kidz sport - One Utama with my classmate and all primary 2 students on 2/12/2008. I went to kidz sport by school bus and on 3/12/2008 i went to Aesop Fables 2 at The Actor's Studio, Bangsar Shopping Centre. I enjoyed the puppet show. It was so funny and so fun.

Monday, 24 November 2008

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) – A massive ball of fire that lit up the skies over two Western Canadian provinces on Thursday evening was likely among the biggest meteor events to be witnessed in Canada this year, one expert said.

The fireball, which streaked through the darkening skies over Alberta and Saskatchewan at about 5:30 p.m. Calgary time, likely weighed between one and 10 tons and shone brightly enough to be seen over an area 700 km (435 miles) wide.

"It was somewhere between the size of a chair to the size of a desk," said Alan Hildebrand, a planetary scientist at the University of Calgary and a coordinator of a fireball reporting service.

"This one was pretty spectacular. For this year it will be one of the biggest that happens over Canada.... Something like this radiates like a billion-watt bulb. It's pretty bright light in the sky."

Hildebrand said the meteor may have broken into hundreds of smaller meteorites that likely landed in central Saskatchewan near that province's border with Alberta.

The fireball lit up the skies for about five seconds, he said.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

My favourite video

This was my favourite video. I watched many times. It is very instresting.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Open House 2008 - Raya 2

These are my swimming instructors from Supersharkz. From left is Kakak Eka, Abang Azam, Abang Shahri, my favourite instructor with black sunglasses - Abang Shahrul and my scary teacher Abang Hafiz [he pushed me to swiming pool when I was in level 1 since I took sometime to jump into poo because i am very scared - now- no more scare]

These are my cousin - Abang Logarm [next to him is his daughter, his wife, me, Kak Eida and kak Anis. He is an engineer at Petronas, Paka Terengganu. He graduated from Monash, Melbourn, Australia . My father told me that he got his nick name Logarm when he studied at SDAR, Seremban. He is son to Uncle Bak, live in JB.

This is me playing with my friends

Monday, 27 October 2008

Open House 2008 - Raya

Me, Kakak Eka, Abang Shahrul

Abang Azam, Abang Hafiz, Kakak Eka, Abang Shahrul, Me, Daddy

Tok Su, Baby, Azril

I had invited my swimming instructors to come to my house for Hari Raya.
I am very happy.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

I Love My Atuk Mama & Atuk Abah Kampung

My atuk mama kampung in Selama, Taiping Perak. My atuk abah kampung in Pendang, Kedah. My kampung is in Ampang. My atuk mama & atuk abah live in Ampang; then my kampung is in Ampang, KL.
My daddy kampung is from Muar, Johor. My daddy parents died already. My daddy said this year raya we are not back to Muar. I will go to Johor during my school holiday in December; we can go to JB and Orchard Road, Singapore.

Environmental Science

Atuk Abah Kampung in Pendang, Kedah

Samarinda fruit

Atuk Abah's Kampung is very beautiful. I could see padi field, mountain, rubber tree, oil palm tree, buah nam-nam, coconut and many thing.